I was the Herald art critic in Scotland for 20 years, from 1980-2000. In 2000 I moved to New York as art critic for the Financial Times. I wrote for many magazines in UK and USA, and continue to do so. Trained as a printmaker & art historian, I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

 In the 1980s & 90s I curated many exhibitions including 'New Scottish Prints' for Britain Salutes New York, London's Serpentine Summer Show; Artists at Work, Edinburgh Festival 1986; The Vigorous Imagination at the Scottish National Gallery for Edinburgh Festival 1987; Critic's Choice London 1987-1992; Scots in Los Angeles; Critic's Choice, RSA Edinburgh; New Millennium Chicago and Washington DC 1999.

 In 1990 I was commissioner for Scotland at the Venice Biennale, the only time in the 20th century that Scottish artists were part of the official Venice Biennale.

 I do love my job!