Sunday, 31 December 2000

Scottish Art Archive 2000

2000 Herald, Scotsman, NY, Artnews, Art Newspaper etc

January 2000
1st - Dave Mach, for Sculpture Mag
3rd - New Year: Dave Mach's Portrait of the Nation, the Millennium Dome, London
10th  - in the Herald, Magritte, the Dean Centre, GMA Edinbro - now GMA 2
14th - Michael Kenny, obituary, Royal Academy, Edinburgh
17th - Monday Art column: Turner & Sir Walter Scott, National Gallery of Scotland
18th - Robert Hopper, obituary
18th - Michael Kenny, obituary, Royal Academy in Herald.
25th - Talbot Rice, Travails +Talbot Rice letters v SAC.
27th - For ARTnews America: Creative Scotland Award news item, + Jesus 2000 and the Royal Collection.
31st - Anna Miller, Open Eye Gallery Edinbro: Edinburgh College of Art and Nexus
Noble Grossart pt prize notes
Charles Hobson, for The Art Newspaper,
Feb 2000
1st - Neil Macgregor at National Gallery
4th - Schueler,  Book Review Sound of Sleat, for The Art Newspaper
6th - Anna S. Cocks, Tartan Turmoil and Talbot Rice Travails, for The Art Newspaper
7th - Monday Herald art column: John Clark, Collins Gallery, Glasgow
14th - Partricia Macdonald, Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow. 1250 words.
16th - Letter to Anna S. Cocks, editor at the Art Newspaper
21st - Monday art: Vicky Crowe, A Shepherd's Life, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh.
21st - Jack Cunningham, the Lighthouse, Glasgow
Feb: Jesus 2000, for ARTnews USA
Feb. Susan Weber Soros, for Herald Magazine

from March onwards most pieces Scotsman; some Herald, Art Newspaper, Art Forum or magazines. 
RenĂ© Magritte, for Town & Country Magazine
March - filmed in NYC by BBC -  Vettriano, B, May issue. BC TV, Pavillon
April 2000
The New Tate, for Art Forum
May 2000
Richard Long, Seagram Plaza, New York City, for ARTnews
June 2000
2nd - Taliban and Women.
June for July-August issue: Red Grooms, Grounds for Sculpture, New Jersey, for Sculpture mag. 
Red Grooms for The Art Newspaper
June 21st - The Draughtsman's Art, the Frick Collection, New York, for Town & Country autumn issue. 
July 2000
July Andy Goldsworthy for Sculpture Magazine.  
3rd - Cow Parade, New York City, the Scotsman
4th - Christine McArthur & Glasgow's John Lewis Project, Interiors Magazine, Scotland 
11th - Peter Chang, profile for American Craft Magazine
12th - Ann Militello, Art Newspaper
12th - Andy Goldsworthy, Art Newspaper
17th - Andy Goldsworthy, in the Scotsman.
Red Grooms, for Sculpture Magazine
Andy Goldsworthy, Sculpture Magazine
july - Bay figuration, San Jose Museum of Art, California, travels from Kansas Kemper Museum, for the Art Newspaper
July -Monaco Sculpture International, for Art Newspaper, published Oct. 
August 2000
29th - Nude in the 20th Century, Picasso Museum & France, Fondation Maeght, in the Scotsman
September 2000
5th - Monaco Sculpture Show, for Sculpture Magazine, for autumn issue.
8th - James Turrell, Pont du Gard, for Sculpture Magazine
25th - NATOarts, in The Scotsman
26th - Bridget Riley, Pace Gallery NY and Dia Art Foundation, New York, in the Scotsman. 2 pages magazine colour.
Critics Choice exhibition to curate in England
Jon Schueler: book review, Mallaig, for the ART Newspaper
October 2000
3rd - Damien Hirst, in the Scotsman
4th - The Wilson Twins (from Dundee), 303 Gallery, New York, in the Scotsman 
10th  Peter Chang, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, in the Scotsman
12th - Donald Dewar: obituary, the Scotsman, Clare's obit.
21st - Armani, Guggenheim, New York, in the Herald
25th - Tom Eccles Scot, in the Scotsman
25th - Tony Oursler, Art in the Park, New York, colour 2 pgs
26th - 7 artists, Struben Glass for Crafts Council Magazine
October - The Nude in 20th Century, France, for the Art Newspaper
Oct - Monaco Sculpture, Art Newspaper
November 2000
28th - R.B. Kitaj at Marlborough Fine Art, and Yale, Connecticut, in the Scotsman
Nov-Dec, London Crafts Council Magazine on Corning Museum of Glass.  
December 2000
5 Dec - School of London at Yale, Yale Center for British Art, Connecticut, in the Scotsman, 2 pgs colour. 
Dec.  Alan Davie at 80, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, for The Art Newspaper