Friday, 30 August 2013

Edinburgh Festival / Richard Demarco

For my blog I am set against a backdrop of Glasgow School of Art. 
Mackintosh designed the world famous building in 1899

                                           Jim Hickey and Clare at the Demarco ceremony
                                               Richard Demarco speaking at the ceremony.

Yesterday I was called "journalist royalty" - today I'm legendary! See David Eustace below. So, with my huge 30 year archive in the process of going to Glasgow School of Art, glasgow school of art, - itself really legendary - I begin my first blog. Until recently I never thought much about Archives. But as Richard Demarco told us when receiving his well earned European Prize 2013 at the Edinburgh Festival last week, "Art and archives are the language of angels. Art is not, not, about entertainment."

Ricky is worried about losing the story of the people who created the Edinburgh Festival in 1947 "to heal the wounds of war. He said, "I was 17. It was the first time I had heard spoken French; the first time I ever hear the music of Vienna under the conductor's baton of a German! OMG! A German. I will never forget that energy of my first Edinburgh Festival." Richard Demarco and Jim Haynes went on to found the Traverse Theatre, this summer celebrating its 50th B-day. richard demarco.

David Eustace, photographer extraordinaire, david eustace, posted "Today two really lovely refreshing hours chatting and sharing stories of both sides of the Atlantic with the legendary Herald and FT art commentator Clare Henry . Quality conversations on very different subjects and a much needed break from reading about how our world today seems to celebrate and recognise the ordinary... It's all good."