Monday 14 September 2015

GEORGE WYLLIE at Paisley Museum, GSA MLitt Graduate Degree Show, McLellan Galleries, GLASGOW

George Wyllie in Sarajevo 1988

I am ashamed to say we went to see this excellent Geo Wyllie show on its last day. Hopefully it will tour elsewhere.
The large scale metal exhibits do well in Paisley Museum's big Victorian spaces, and how I miss Wyllie's exuberant wit & cheeky songs!
Murray Grigor's terrific TV videos enliven the whole show, and bring back the outrageous events of Paper Boat, Day down a Goldmine, & Straw Locomotive. Classic Wyllie at his showman best.  
Wyllie in Goldmine. 
Clear, concise & interesting explanatory panels are in type big enough to read. What a blessing. 
In the last room there is a huge artists book made by George full of vigorous drawing spilling across the page in wild abandon. 
It is not dissimilar to Spain's Sara Alonso-Martinez's notable artists book The Peep Show of Hearts. Likewise outspoken & witty, it uses lithography in red & black to attack the downside of social media.  
She is one of 30 MLitt graduates who are showing in the McLellan Galleries, (enter from Renfrew St.). Nine are Asian, 1 from Sweden, 2 from Denmark, 1 France, 1 Netherlands, 1  Lithuania. With this cosmopolitan mix, I would have expected more variety.
A stand out for me is Rennie Buenting's semi-circular tower constructed out of metal plates which carry the story of abandoned factories world wide. 
Other interesting work comes from Ellen Doggett whose textiles hide the 'uncanny n the ugly' + Norman Sutton-Hibbert's dolls in a rucksack, high key videos reminiscent of Ashley Cook by Will Kendrick, elegant white mesh cubes from Victoria Evans & ceramic tiles of text by Zheng Li. 
Very criss-cross in discipline, technology was less evident than I expected, with a lot of found objects carrying too heavy a burden. Spread across the floor the various rods, string, cans, pegs & bottles do very little for the viewer. 

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