Wednesday 16 September 2015

DERRICK GUILD, After A.D.  at Summerhall, Edinburgh 
DURER’s painting of a hare - which he did in 1502 - is so well know, such an icon. Amazingly it turns out that anatomically, no hare, is actually like that! DERRICK GUILD decided to make paintings of the hare - but from different angles. His taxidermist broke the bad news. 
Regardless of this GUILD has orchestrated a wonderful mis en scene at Summerhall, utilising the sinks & glass cases of the old Vet building to great effect. 
He imagined a melancholy film involving the hare and the hero, with actor Ewen Bremner, in the lead role. 
The entire room is called into play with props, antique tables, cases, paintings & photographs enticing you onwards inviting the viewer to explore the mystery. 
Phoebe Grigor has collaborated to provide beautiful, sensitive, atmospheric photographs. Intriguing music from Marty Hailey completes this unusual installation. Quite memorable.   

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