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Venice Biennale 1990

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  1. Dear Clare,

    I had a 'strange' email purporting to be from you, but had my suspicions. Might you have suggested a meal sometime? Always possible in London (I am in Bucks now), but need confirmation from you that it was genuine.

    Meanwhile Sarah K-J is in Rio and is active as a painter. try her website -

    all the best
    Robin Knill-Jones

  2. Dear Clare,
    I am researching for the catalogue raisonnĂ© of Lucian Freud and was hoping you could help source an article you wrote for the Glasgow Herald on 24 June 1988. The article is entitled ‘Freud invests the ordinary with an extraordinary power'. Would you know who would be best to contact with regards to getting hold of a scan?
    Best wishes,
    Olivia Knight