Thursday 16 February 2017


A great week. Loved the DAVID HOCKNEY at the TATE. 
Now he is so popular there have been too many snide comments. He is 80 and full of life, working every day. Thank god for that,

The show is chronological, full of his big hits like his parents, Bigger Splash and Geldzahler etc 


Not enough of his superb drawings - portraits of friends in the 1960s, 

and strangely few of his recent painted portraits from LA. 
However - why carp? The show is exhilarating with its bold colour and experimental videos. Yorkshire landscapes have never looked better.  
Spring Summer Autumn Winter in Yorkshire - a joy. 

via video or paint 

On to the ROYAL ACADEMY for the opening of a huge show of RUSSIAN ART 1917-1932 where folk like Kandinsky and Malevich are buried in a mass of peasants, Lenin and factory workers.
A good deal of ceramic plates and such are included, and are surprisingly interesting. Take a day to see it properly. 

Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 

★ ★ ★ ★ "A voyage of discovery"  Evening Standard
Now, 100 years after the Russian Revolution, which lead to the rise of the Soviet Union, this exhibition brings together painting, film, photography and graphic work, all born out of a period of intense creativity followed by mounting repression. Watch the the exhibition trailer.

Also at the ROYAL ACADEMY is a small gem of a show from ANTHONY GREEN. 

More in a minute - I am off for a coffee!

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