Thursday 31 December 1992

Scottish Art Archive 1992

 1992  Archive List GSA C Henry 

3 January                     Clare Henry Oscars of 1991
4 January              (Art Review) Letter from Egypt
10 January            (Herald Friday Feature) Ken Kiff, Glasgow Print Studios; Madame Yevonde, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow; Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tate Liverpool; Courtauld Collection London; Glasgow School of Art Student, Basils Café Glasgow
13 January            Mozart’s Magic Performing Clothes, Tramway Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art, Barbara Santos-Shaw
14 January            (Herald Feature) Glasgow UK City of Visual Culture 1996 decision day
16 January            (Galleries Magazine) Stephen Barclay, RAAB Gallery London
16 January            (Herald feature) Alan Davie in colour 
19 January            Glasgow Museums restructure, Julian Spalding
24 January            (Herald Friday Feature) Art 92 Contemporary Art Fair, London
Compass Gallery Glasgow, Glasgow Print Studios, William Hardie Glasgow, Main Fine Art Glasgow
RCA, students
Richard Demarco, Kingston Polytechnic London
Sean Taylor, Collective Woodlands, Edinburgh
Future Memories, Tramway
27 January            Richard Demarco, Professor at Kingston Polytechnic London
28 January            Glasgow UK Art Culture Capital 1996 bid lost
31 January            Mari Mahr, Portfolio Edinburgh
Sean Taylor, Collective Gallery Edinburgh
In Here, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
Ready Steady Go, Festival Hall London
Critics, Bill Packer, Bill Feaver, Giles Auty, Cadogan Gallery London
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow
Turner, National Gallery of Scotland
February                (Art Review) Galleries closures, Richard Demarco, Third Eye Centre, UK Capital 1996 bid
                                Invisible Cities, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
          Mozart’s Magic Performing Clothes, Tramway Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art, Barbara Santos-Shaw 
          Scottish Post Office, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
          Emily Ash, The Old Snuff Factory Edinburgh
February                (for catalogue) Phil Braham in conversation with Clare Henry, RAAB Gallery London
4 Feb  Mozart's Magic Flute, Tramway. 
7 February            Lord of the Isles, Rebecca Hossak Gallery London
 Mantegna, Hokusi, Royal Academy London
Tenth Cleveland Biennale, Collins Gallery Glasgow
Ronald Rae, Alan Davie, Compass Gallery Glasgow
Stephen Barclay, RAAB London
Eli Lamb, East West London. 
8 Feb Sat  John Byrne in colour 
14 February          (for catalogue) Robbie Duff-Scott
14 February          (Herald Friday Feature) SAC grant cuts and increases by fax
Invisible Cities, Fruitmarket Edinburgh 
Glasgow School of Art grant increase 16% appointment of Dr Schenk to Director of Board of Studies
Challenging Perceptions, Emily Ash Gallery Edinburgh, David Mach, Kate Davies
Masterpieces for Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
Lucy Ross, 369 Gallery Edinburgh & Delfina Studios, London.
Alberto Savinio, Academia Italiana London
17 February          John Byrne portrait commission, William Hardie in colour. 
21 February          (Herald Friday Feature) Mercat House Drumchapel Milestone Commissions, Doug Cocker
Lord of the Isles, Rebecca Hossak Gallery London, Ruaridh MacDonald
Derek Jarman, At Your Own Risk, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
Fired Earth, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow 
Rob MacLaurin, Ben Rhodes Gallery London
Creating Connections, Glasgow Design Council 
                  Mozart’s Magic Performing Clothes, Tramway Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art
                  Jill Bennet, Nita Begg, Shore Gallery, Leith
28 February          (Herald Friday Feature) T-Zone Japan, Tramway Glasgow
Kenneth Mclean, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Contemporary Colourists, Flying Colours Edinburgh
Gordon Mitchell, Sue White-Oakes, Dorothy Stirling, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
Merilyn Smith, Jenny Geddes Sculpture; Barbara Rae, RSA
March                    (Art Review) The JD Fergusson Gallery, Perth
March                    (for Galleries Magazine) Mario Rossi, Anderson O’Day Gallery
March                    (Art Review) Joan Eardley, Mercury Gallery London
1 March                 (Herald news feature) Theft of Lowry V.E Day painting from Kelvingrove
6 March                 JD Fergusson Gallery, Perth
The Collective Edinburgh, reopening on Coburn Street
Carlo Carra, Edinburgh Art College
Karl Weschke, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow
Closure of Fine Art Society
Roland Bingo Mavor, Ed. 
13 March               (Herald Friday Feature) Otto Dix, Tate London, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
Cabinet Paintings,  Compass Gallery Glasgow, Gillian Jason
Pat Douthwaite, Jackson Gallery London
Vital Images, Edinburgh Gallery
David Clark, 369 Gallery Edinburg
18 March              (for Galleries Magazine) Tony Jones former director of Glasgow School of Art appointment at Royal College London Glasgow Print Studio, 20th Anniversary
20 March              Tony Jones former director of Glasgow School of Art appointment at Royal College London
20 March              8 ½, Glasgow School of Art Textiles, Barbara Santos Shaw 
23 March              (Herald Perspective feature) Julian Spalding, Tim Clifford, Glasgow Museums, Scottish National Galleries Acquisition policy and new purchases
26 March              Laing Art Competition, Scotland Street School Glasgow
27 March              Rembrandt, National Gallery London, Amsterdam
Jim Pattison, Glasgow Print Studio
Through a Lens Darkly, Stills Edinburgh
3 April    Ian Hamilton Finlay, ICA London, Victoria Miro London
The Collective Edinburgh, reopening on Coburn Street, Joanna Kessel, Debbie Miller
Glen Scouller, Portland Gallery London
Charles Pulsford, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow
5 April    (for catalogue) Elspeth Lamb, Cornerstones, Mayfest
6 April    (Herald news feature) Glasgow Print Studios funding and board of directors issues, news pg 3.
10 April  Ben Panting, Glasgow Print Studio
Tea towels at Glasgow Museums
Alexander Calder, Royal Academy London
Douglas Thomson, Compass Gallery Glasgow
Joan Eardley, Mercury Gallery London
Glasgow Museums tea towels
Robbie Duff Scott, VeldVorm Amsterdam
Richard Demarco, International Institute Theatre Award
12 April  Pretty Diverse, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
West and Working, Scotland Street School Museum
17 April  West and Working, Scotland Street School Museum, Marion Love, Timorous Beasties, Nathan Coley, Craig Mulholland
     Pretty Diverse, Edinburgh Printmakers
Matthew Inglis, Ian Kane, Linda Taylor, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
Mario Rossi, Economist Foyer, Anderson O’Day Gallery London
24 April  Glasgow Print Studio, June Carey, Keith McIntyre, Clive Jennings, Barbican London
        Ian Hughes, Chessel Gallery Edinburgh & RAAB Gallery London, Edinburgh Moray House College, Paintings in Hospitals
Look Here, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr
Jim Harold, Street Level Glasgow
28 April  Francis Bacon obituary
May                       (for Conservation Management) John Boyd......
1 May    Mayfest, Elspeth Lamb, Compass Gallery Glasgow
166th Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
Gary Anderson, Ewan Mundy Fine Art
Rediscovering Pompeii, Academia Italiana
Beverly Stevenson, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr
May         (for Chelsea Arts Club) Tony Jones
8 May  MAYFEST, Permindar Kaur, BBC billboard project
Joanne Lewis, Charles Sandison, Peter Lundh, Aquarium Glasgow
Jim Buckley, Collins Gallery Glasgow
Alexander Gardener, Artbank 
Sea dogs and Cats, Main Fine Art Glasgow
Donald Urquhart, Michael McDonough, Simon Starling, Transmission.
Hope Scott Collection, Talbot Rice Edinburgh
William Barns Graham, Jackson Gallery London
Sovereign, V&A London
9 May    (Herald food feature, That's my Weekness)  Tony Jones
15 May  Ken Currie, Glasgow Print Studio
Jock McFadyen, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
John Kean, Imperial War Musiem
Julie Robertson, Glasgow Print Studios
Discovering Columbus, Matthew Dalziel, David McMillan, Tramway Glasgow
Narelle Jubelin, CCA Glasgow
Scottish Art Director, Glasgow School of Art, Graven Images
Sebastian Crème, Cyril Gerber Glasgow
29 May  Magritte, Hayward London
Sebastiao Salgado, Glasgow Arts Centre
Avant Garde British Printmaking 1914-1960, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow
Rhona Gemmell, William Kennedy, Alan Frame, Susan Montford,99 Hutcheson Street Glasgow 
Deryck Healey, Atlantic Quay Glasgow
Callum Innes, ICA London
Polly Hope, Sovereign, V & A London
June                        (Art Review) Mayfest review, Narelle Jubelin, Tracey Moffatt, CCA Glasgow
June                        (for Galleries Magazine) Scottish Art Schools                               
4 June    (book review feature) John Tusa, A word in your ear
5 June    George Bazelitz, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, 10th Birthday
Barbara Rae, Jackson Gallery London
Maurice Greiffenhagen, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh
Merilyn Smith, St Giles Church
Neil Jeffries, Flowers London 
Collyer-Bristow London
Street Level Glasgow members show
12 June  Phillip King, Yorkshire Sculpture Park 
Ken Hunter, Compass Gallery Glasgow
Wild Cherries, Project Ability, Ramshorn Church
CCA Open Exhbition
Liz Knox, Connie Simmers, Cara Crawford, William Hardie Gallery
Duncan Shanks, Roger Billcliffe Fine Art
GSA Third Year Students, Town Planning Consultancy, John Smith
Cutty stool, Joan Hughson Gallery Glasgow
Zadok ben-David, Ben Rhodes Gallery London
Chris Battye, Figure of Eight London
David Remfrey, National Portrait Gallery London
14 June  (Galleries Magazine) John Boyd, Conservation Management London
15 June  (Herald Perspective Feature) Pavel Buchler appointed Head of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
19 June  (Herald Friday Feature) Glasgow School of Art degree show
MA Postgraduate, Project ability
Royal College London Degree Show
Miller Scholarship Paris Studio
Dave Mach, Nikki Marquardt Paris
Viz, Eduardo Poalozzi film, Pompidous 3rd French Biennale
Rob McCarthy, David Duke, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
BT Sponsorship of South Bank Touring exhibitions
22 June  (Herald Perspective Feature + leader) The Burrell Collection Glasgow
26 june    Friday    Niki de Saint Phalle in Bonn, plus New Bonn Federal Art Gallery, & Bonn new Civic Gallery, 7 shows ; wm Crozier, Wm Jackson. London. 
27 June  (Herald Weekend) Henry Moore, Parc de Bagatelle, Paris; Henry Moore, Didier Imbert , 
27 June  (Herald Weekender, column) Henry Moore, Glenkiln, Maclaurian Gallery Ayr
                                Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show. 
July                         (for Harpers & Queen) Tony Jones, New Rector at Royal College of Art London
2 July     (Herald Feature supplement) Edinburgh FESTIVAL supplement 
                                Andy Goldsworthy, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
                                Edinburgh Art Fair, Royal College of Physicians
                                Miro, Royal Scottish Academy
                                Alan Ramsay, National Portrait Gallery
3 July     (Herald Friday Feature) CCA Open Exhibition, Salon Glasgow
Stephen Conroy, Marlborough Gallery London
British American Arts Association conference 
Peida report, 
Niches , Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Old Calton Cemetery Edinburgh
National touring exhibitions, South Bank Centre London, BT sponsorship. 
4 July (Herald Weekend Out) Glasgow School of Art Tours
Queens Park Synagogue Windows, John Clark
Paula Rego, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
Leonardo da Vinci, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh
7 July     Press release and catalogue text of conversation interview, Phil Braham
10 July   (Herald Friday Feature) Peter Randall-Page, Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens
Jesus College Cambridge Biennale
Elspeth Lamb, Broughton House Cambridge
Non-objective world, Kettles Yard Cambridge
Alan Dunn, Alex Dempster, Dick Institute Kilmarnock
Pivot, Street Level Glasgow
Julie Roberts, CCA Glasgow
John Boyd, Clifford Street London   
11 July                   (Herald Weekend Out) Shell adverts, Transport Museum Glasgow
Heatheryford Gallery, Kinross
13 July                   John Bellany, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
18 July                   Peter Randall-Page, Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens 
Home of the Brave, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
Anne Redpath, Duncan Miller Fine Arts London
24 July                   Tony Cragg, Tramway, CCA Glasgow
26 July                   (Herald Weekend Out) Edwina Fitzpatrick, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
John Bratby, Lillie Gallery Milngavie
Dumfries and Galloway Fine Arts Society, Maclurian Gallery Ayr
Poems in the Landscape, Gracefield Studios
31 July                   (Herald Friday FESTIVAL Feature) Miro, Royal Scottish Academy
Henry Meyric Hughes, Head of Visual Arts British Arts Council
Alan Ramsay, National Portrait Gallery 
Dominic Snyder, Glasgow Print Studios
Following the Fine Arts, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
July                         (Art Review) British Council funding
                                Philip King, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
                                George Bazelitz, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
1 August                                Contemporary Textiles, Collins gallery Glasgow, John Vernon Lord
6 August                                (Herald Obituary) Jon Schueler
6 August                                E A Hornel, Broughton House Kirkcudbright
7 August                                Following the Fine Arts, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, Lord Macfarlane 
New Generation, Compass Gallery Glasgow
John Bratby, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr
Rosemary Donovan, Street Level Glasgow
Tracy Holland, Alison Roy, Michael Pinsky, Collective Gallery Edinburgh
8 August                                (Herald Weekend Out) Summer Show, Gatehouse Gallery Giffnock 
James Lumsden, Glyn Latterleys Lyth Arts Centre, Wick 

10 aug. Ed FESTIVAL. Ramsay; Cragg/ Colour pix. 
14 August              Dutch Art, National Gallery Edinburgh
15 August              (Herald Weekend Out) Edinburgh Festival Best 10 
Twin Pix, Aberdeen Art Gallery Youth Festival 
17 August              (Herald Friday Feature) Alan Ramsay, National Portrait Gallery 
21 August              (Herald Friday Feature) Glasgow’s £12,000 prize for RGI, Royal Glasgow Institute
Andrew Ewing, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh
Canongate Press, Edinburgh Literary guide
Andy Goldsworthy, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
Tent Twelve, Princes St Gardens Edinburgh
Jenny Geddes Memorial, Merlyn Smith, St Giles Edinburgh
22 August              (Herald Weekend Out) Richard Demarco
George Wyllie, West Princes Street Gardens
Christopher Ku, Wines From Paris Leith 
Glasgow School of Art with Liberty’s London, Tattiana Lund, Sarah Knill-Jones, Bridget Staton
Devils and Idiots, Aberdeen Peacock Printmakers 
Harbour Gallery Kirkcubbright 
28 August              Jenny Geddes Memorial, Merlyn Smith, St Giles Edinburgh
                                James Pryde, Gallery of Modern Art
Caroline Buchanan, Flying Colours Edinburgh
James Plensa, RSA Royal Scottish Academy
Herman de Vries, Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens
Celia Hayes, Collective Gallery Edinburgh 
Geoffrey Roper, Figurehead Gallery Leith
29 August              (Herald Weekend Out; Festival hits) William McTaggart, Forrest Mckay Edinburgh
Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
Edinburgh College of Art 
Edith Simon, Bristo Square
Chesel Gallery Group Show
Simon Blackwood, William Hardie Glasgow
John Ferry, Glasgow Print Studio
August                   (Art Review) Niki de Saint Phalle, Bonn, New Federal Art Gallery
September             (Art Review) Clare Henry, A Critics Choice, Cooling Gallery London
4 September         Will Maclean, Talbot Rice London
Scottish Gallery 150th Birthday show
Leith Open, Citizens Studios
Craig Mulholland, Compass Gallery Glasgow
Vanishing Glasgow, Street Level Glasgow 
5 September         Vanishing Glasgow, Street Level Glasgow 
Chicago Latino, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
Willhemina Barnes Graham, Lillie Gallery Milingavie
7 September         (Back pg colour) National Gallery of Scottish Art, new site
11 September       Sisley, Royal Academy London
Transmission Gallery, City Racing London
Clare Henry, A Critics Choice, Cooling Gallery London 
Duane Michaels, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
Peter Blake, Edinburgh Printmakers
12 September       Summer Show, Rodger Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
Glen Scouller, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
Margaret Hunter, Collins Gallery Glasgow
Norman Gilbert, Eden Court Inverness
18 September       William Hardie, Profile, Hockney;  
Daniel Lang, Ben Henriques, Scottish National Gallery
Craig Mulholland, Compass Gallery Glasgow
Charlotte Hodes, Eagle Gallery London
Alter Ego, Glasgow Print Studios
19 September       Open Doors Day; Clyde Port Authority, Ca D’Oro, Queens Park Synagogue, St Luke’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral
25 September       Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scotland Street School Glasgow
Alter Ego, Glasgow Print Studios
Murray Robertson, Fire ruins studio
Margaret Hunter, Collins Gallery Glasgow
26 September       Richard Akerman, 90s Gallery Glasgow
Neil Lamont, Main Fine Art Glasgow; Jeff Koons at D'Offay London. 
2 October              (Herald Feature) Scotland’s Hidden Treasures, Private Eyeful Series, Private Art Collections                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
October  (Art Review) Lux Europa, Edinburgh, Isabelle Vasseur, Adrian Wiszniewski, Ian Hamilton Finlay. 
1/2 October          (Herald Friday Feature)
Eileen Laurence, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
Eastern General Hospital
21 Works by Women, Edinburgh Printmakers 
New Generation Jewellery and Ceramics, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
Scottish Society of Architect Artists, Royal Scottish Academy
Sheenah Smith Obituary
3 October              Mabel Royds, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
Molly Bulick, Christine Smith, Donald Mason
Sandy Murphy, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow
Steve Dilworth, Crawford Centre St Andrews, An Lanntair Stornaway
9 October              James Craig Annan, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
Highland Myth and Symbol, Cowane Gallery Stirling
Semana Santa, Smith Gallery Stirling
Muji Japanese store Glasgow
Children Annual Art competition, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
Hon Daniel Finch, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh
10 October            (Herald Weekend Out) Adrian Wiszniewski, Dovecot Edinburgh
Nancy Smillie, Princes Square 
12 October            (Herald News Feature) Ljubo Sirc for Slovenian presidency
12 Oct, Monday.  PRIVATE EYEFULS new series on Collectors. Corporate; women.
13 Oct Private Eyefuls. Famous Collectors; costume. 
14th Oct Private Eyefuls: Hospitals; Schools; Government. 
16 October            Society of Scottish Artists, SSA, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
Zarina Bhimji, CCA Glasgow
Sharon Quigley, J.D. Kelly Gallery Glasgow
Harry Kerr, Street Level Glasgow
Campbell Smith, Edinburgh Gallery 
17 October            Japanese Prints, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow
18 October            Glasgow Art Market, Julian Spalding, Mayfest
20 October            (Herald Feature) House for an Art Lover, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
23 October            Lux Europa, Edinburgh, Isabelle Vasseur 
Belvidere Hospital 
Langlands and Bell, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
Iain Slack, Compass Gallery Glasgow
Gillies Travel Awards, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
Autumn season of mellow fruitfulness, Kingfisher Gallery Edinburgh
Flora Photographica, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
25 October            Back from Paris, Miller Awards, French Institute Edinburgh
Artists from Mull, Malcolm Innes Edinburgh
Traditional & Decorative Arts Group, Scottish Gallery, Malcom Appleby
Kate Whitford, New Hall College Cambridge 
30 October            Lux Europa, Edinburgh, Isabelle Vasseur 
Jila Peacock, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; Ukrainian, Ed City Art Centre; London World Service; MA at GSA.  
31 October            Glasgow Society of Women Artists, Phillips Glasgow
Czechoslovakian Prints, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow
6 November          Read my Lips, Tramway Glasgow
Flora Photographica, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Maud Sulter, Street Level Glasgow
7 November          Christine McArthur, Billcliffe Fine Arts Glasgow
Richard Demarco, Forsyths Glasgow
Forgotten Fleets, Mariner Court Clydebank
13  GPS 
14 November       Bill Smith, Fleming Merchant Bank purchases, D.Y. Cameron publication; Ewan Mundy, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh
Lesley Main, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh
Barbara Rae, Glasgow Print Studios

21 Nov Judith Gilmour ceramics, Sam Topping prints, Compass gallery; Dundee Decade; Eliza Martin GPS; Michaele David, Shetland; Robbie Duff-Scott, Artbank, Glasgow 
Nov 28th Bethsy Gray silver,; Compass Xmas show; SAAC at RSA; Jizo garden at CCA Glasgow; John Yeadon at CCA; Poster billboards at Tramway. 
5th Dec 3 artists Bain, Martin, wood, Wm Hardie Glasgow; Poiesis, Fruitmarket Ed; Callum Innes, GMA Edinburgh' 
12 Dec  Zen Garden in Japan at St Mungo; Hornel Broughton House, Kirkkudbright. 
18 December        Scottish Power, Ann Medelow, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow, Scottish Power Offices
Tom McKendrick, Jeff Koons
ID NATIONALE, 369 & Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
Aqua Vitae, Street Level Glasgow, Stills Edinburgh
CD show, Collective Edinburgh
Dave Mach, £12,000 Prize Win, Scottish Sculpture Trust
Scottish Sculpture Trust Absa Awards, London. 
Richard Demarco, Kingston University
David Michie, Mercury Gallery London
Angela Flowers London, Peter Howson, Michael Heindorf, John Hoyland. 
19 December        Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow
23 December        Alastair Smart Obituary

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