Friday 4 October 2013

MATISSE at Marlborough Gallery, New York 

Eighty fabulous prints spanning 50 years 1900 to 1950, make this a MUSEUM quality show! It took 3 years to assemble. Many come from Matisse Family Collections including his grandson. Prices $20,000-80,000+ each.  

An economy of line is the memorable aspect of his work. How did Matisse say so much with so little? Lithography was especially suited to his art & many lithos are similar to his drawings because they ARE drawings - a crayon on stone or transfer paper. Exotic, sensuous nude odalisques posing amid patterned curtains, cushions, rugs, fabrics, are among the most beautiful.

The show starts with a self-portrait drypoint from 1900 (loaned from MoMA) and is followed by etchings, aquatints, linocuts and, late in life, colourful pochoirs (stencils to u & me.)
ALL the images are of women. Not one male. My husband visited Matisse in Paris in 1951 and, confident as he is, dressed in blue shirt,  orange, blue and black tie, to go with a salt and pepper suit. All ready to pose and be painted. It didn't work! Wrong sex!
The show, serious & scholarly, organised by Tara Reddi, travels to London & Madrid.


  1. I love it Clare esp the Matisse exhibition, he was my father's favourite artist
    Helen Jackson

  2. Lewis Dimm said
    Beautiful, and commented upon so eloquently in your blog!