Monday 9 September 2013

GPS 40th B-day

Tomorrow we leave Scotland for New York City. Some adjustment! Edinburgh provided several highlights for its Festival: Ken Currie's superb new oils at the SNPG; Victoria Crow's lovely tapestry at the Dovecot woven from 40 shades of natural undyed wool; Blackadder at the Scottish Gallery; Witches etc at GMA; The Open Eye, interesting as usual- and Ana Maria Pacheco's serious and moving etchings and installation at the Edinburgh Chaplaincy in George Square. This in itself is a great place to visit for its new, elegant chapel in what is really the back garden. (Designed by architect Stuart Allan of Summerhall, deserves praise and a piece to itself: Chinese painting exh; Lawrence Weiner; Michael Nyman film installation; Fiona Banner; Demarco Archive; & more.

 In Glasgow Glasgow Print Studio celebrated its 40th b-day with a 40/40 show attended by crowds, In fact GPS started in 1972. I was there along with Beth Fisher, Jacki Parry, John Taylor, Jimmy Cosgrove and Eli Lamb. Lamb's marriage of rose and thistle is memorable, also Adrian Wisniewski's colourful print, and Bruce Mclean's characteristic drips.

See below the 3 great participants - Ken Duffy who began Edinburgh Printmakers 46 or was it 47 years ago; Phillip Reeves who kept us sane in the early 1970s; and John Mackechnie, shorter hair, but still keeping GPS on the road!

                                                  GPS party.

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