Sunday 29 September 2013


New York City is an extraordinary place - especially when the sky is blue, & the sun shines with no humidity. But we all need somewhere to SIT. 
Museums and art galleries are the worst. Nowadays no old fashioned polished wood Victorian seats for the old or pregnant. Why not? 
But BROADWAY, now an urban idyll of greenery in the Fashion District, (between 5th and 9th Ave, and from 34 to 42nd St), has acquired 5 new benches!  on Broadway from 36th to 41st Street. Made of heather-coloured slate from Vermont by sculptor Del Geist,  ‎it's organic, natural & alive. The honed surface is smooth as silk; the edges rough cut. The geometry is in the stainless steel base. (Lyle Welding.) 
There are to be more benches within the next few months so look out for them, and sit. And hustle for more seats in art galleries too. If we all ask, they will find a way to provide them. 
Geist at the Taran Quarry in Poultney, Vermont working on the bench sculpture.

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