Friday 31 December 1999

Scottish Art Archive 1999

1999 List for GSA Archive 

1 January               Book review, Oppe Collection watercolours. 
2 January      Picture of the week) The Visitation by Stanley Spencer, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
4 January                Oscars for 1998: Jenny Saville, Bridget McConnell, Lesley Main, Mark Jones, Lapland. 
9 January                Picture of the week) Christmas Time in the South of France by JD Fergusson, Fergusson Gallery Perth
16 January    Picture of the week) Reading Aloud, by Albert Moore at Kelvingrove. 
18 January    Chicago: Mary Cassatt, Julia Margaret Cameron, women artists; Clare Henry juror for The New Millenium, Chicago & Washington DC. 
23 Jan           Herald of Winter by Tomas Millie Dow, Dundee Museum. 
25 Jan           New York Scots success story 
28 January    The Thistle and the Rose, The Burrell Collection Glasgow, Liz Arthur
30 January    Picture of the week: Head of a Woman by Alexei Jawlensky. Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
January       Museum of Scotland opening
No Date,        Architecture and Design Bid
1 February     Book review, Caravaggio: A Life by Helen Langdon; 
6 February    Picture of the week) Lady in Black by Cadell, Glasgow Art Gallery
7 Feb            SCOTS in New York: Sonnier; Douglas Gordon at Dia; Lesley Raeside, Founder member Transmission, Ian Scott; Eccles, Kilgour,  brennan,  Leighton, Kinchin, Stirton. 
13 February       Tongues of Diamond, Glasgow Girls Beaton, Flockhart, Harper, Collins Gallery Glasgow
13 February       (Picture of the week) Titian´s First Essay in Colour, by William Dyce, Aberdeen Art Gallery
15 February       Robert Adam: The Creative Mind at National Gallery of Scotland
20 February       (Picture of the week) The Red Chair by FCB Cadell, Hunterian Art Gallery Glasgow
22 February       Scots in London, Thomas Joshua Cooper; Gwen Hardie, Wm Gear, Kenny Hunter, Jackie Donachie, Geo Wyllie, Wilson Twins at Lisson; John Taylor, Jacki Parry, Judith Gilmour, Hossack Gallery London; Robert Paul at GPS, Lennox Dunbar at Compass. 
26 February       (for catalogue) Once Seen, Never Forgotten, Chicago
27 February       (Picture of the week) Blackfriars by Derain, Kelvingrove Glasgow
1 March             Monet, Royal Academy London
1 March             (for Galleries Magazine) Rose Wylie, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London. 
1 March             Kelvingrove redevelopment, Mark O'Neil. 
2 March             (for Arts Review) Del Geist Sculpture, Bildhaur Berlin
3 March             Television review, Ex-s: A Tale of Two Cities Glasgow and Chicago, BBC, Tony Jones
6 March                        (Picture of the week)  by John Hoyland  at Hunterian Glasgow.  
8 March                    Ingres, National Gallery London; Donald Urquhart, Duke Street Glasgow
13 March                   Anya Gallacio, Old Court House Glasgow, Weekender Mag. 
13 March         Picture of the week: Two Children by Joan Eardley, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
15 March                   Ingres, National Gallery Edinburgh
20 March                   (Picture of the week) La Guitare by Marie Laurencin, Aberdeen Art Gallery. 
22 March                   Dundee, Dundee Contemporary Art Centre, Visual Research Centre opened by Donald Dewar. Prime curated by A Nairn. 
27 March                    Obituary Patrick Heron
27 March                   Picture of the week) Poplars on the Epte by Monet, National Gallery of Scotlan
24 March           The new Dean Centre Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
3 April           Picture of the week) Head of a Catalan Peasant by Miró, Dean Centre, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
5 April               Buchannan Galleries, George Wyllie, Dawson Murray, John Taylor, Christine McArthur, Glasgow.
10 April             (Picture of the week) Lady with Dog by JD Fergusson, Fergusson Gallery Perth
12 April             (for Art Newspaper) Three New Galleries for Scotland
12 April             Swedish Pineapple, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, John Byrne & John Houston at GPS, Flockhart at Compass. Street Level. 
17 April             (Picture of the week) Interior at Sizergh by Joseph Nash, Smith Art Gallery Stirling
17 April             Berlin Art, Kulturform, Hamburger Bahnhof
18 April             Douglas Gordon, New York, Berlin, London
24 April             173rd RSA Annual, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
24 April             Threatening Weather by Magritte, Dean Centre Edinburgh
24 April        (for catalogue)The Illinois New Millennium show
1 May            Picture of the week) John Crighton Stuart Second Marquess of Bute by Raeburn. Mount Stuart Rothsay
3 May           Andy Goldsworthy, Storm King Sculpture Park,  in America
8 May                (Picture of the week) A Glasgow Shopkeeper, The Peoples Palace Glasgow
10 May             The Draughtsman´s Art, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
15 May              (Picture of the week) Modern Italy The Pifferari, 1838 by Turner, Kelvingrove Glasgow
17 May              No Noise Samples, Chris Biddlecombe, David Trouton.  Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow
18 May             (for Galleries Magazine) The Draughtsman´s Art, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
18 May             (for Contemporary Visual Arts Magazine) Magdalena Abakanowicz, at the Met, New York
20 May              (for Interiors Magazine) Denise Findlay 
21 May              Andreas Slominski, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, for Sculpture Mag, USA Vol 18, no 8. 
22 May            Picture of the Week, St Sebastien by Van Dyck. 
22 May             Van Dyck 400 Years, Antwerp & London
24 May            Douglas Gordon in New York at Gagosian Gallery & Dia. 
29 May              (Picture of the week) Lady with a Red Hat by William Strang, Kelvingrove Glasgow
May                          (for Art News) SMAK New Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent
May                          (for Art News) Controversial New Scottish Gallery
May                          Tessa Jackson appointed Director of Scottish Arts Council
5 June                Picture of the week) Church at Moret-sur-Loingby  Alfred Sisley, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
7 June            Iona Murals, St Mungos Glasgow, Joe Fan, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Ashley Cook, Glasgow Print Studios
7 june               Book Review - Jon Schueler by Magda Salvesen. 
12 June          Picture of the week) Midsummer: East Fife by James McIntosh Partick, RSA Edinburgh
14 June          Letter from New York, Magdalena Abakanowicz; Christies, Van Gogh at the Met; Guggenheim;Patrick Hughes.
17 June          Speech for Arts and the City Conference, Glasgow Museums: The Way Forward
19 June              Picture of the week) Gypsy Life by Sir Alfred Munnings, Aberdeen Art Gallery. 
21 June             Scotland not at the Venice Biennale; Tony Caro in Venice.
26 June             Judith with the Head of Holofernes, Burrell Collection Glasgow
28 June             Glasgow School of Art Degree Show
June                  (for Interiors Magazine) Zodiac Room, Bute Mount Stuart
3 July            Picture of the week) Sir Alexander Ferguson by David Mach, Scottish Nation Portrait Gallery Edinburgh
5 July           Celebration at Huntarian, George Smith bequest 
10 July            Picture of the Week: Sir Alexander Morrison by Richard Dadd, SNPG EDinbro. 
12 July         Rembrandt, National Gallery London
17 July          Picture of the week) Pandemonium by John Martin, The Lighthouse Glasgow. 
21 July          (for catalogue) The Kosovo Auction, Nick Nairns 
24 July               (Picture of the week) Head of a Young Girl by Henri Matisse, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
31 July          (Picture of the week) ?? maybe Manbrino by Stubbs, 
2 August                   Lapland, Glasgow Print Studios, Ashley Cook, Stuart Duffin, Norman Mathison, Ian Ramsey Brown
7 August                  (Picture of the week) Girl in Fur Cape by Beatrice Whistler, Huntarian Glasgow
9 August                  Edinburgh Festival, Rob Maclaurin, Talbot Rice; Jack Knox, Open Eye Gallery; Will McLean, Bourne Fine Art, James Morrison, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Callum Innes, Ingleby Gallery
12 August         Kiki Smith, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Welcome, Stills Gallery Edinburgh; John Stekazer, Portfolio. 
12 August         A Formal Agreement, Fly Gallery Glasgow & Patricia Fleming
13 August         Edinburgh Festival Woes: Clare vents her anger 
14 august        Picture of the Week Girl in Fur Cape by Beatrice Whistler, Huntarian Glasgow
16 August         Gary Hume, Dean Centre Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Boyle Family, Leith
18 August         Patrick Heron, Callum Innes, Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh; Hisashi Momose, Ed Printmakers. 
18 aug  Government cuts & Ed College of Art, Peter Sarkisian, Angus hood, 6 artists from Basel. 
21 August         (Picture of the week) Loading in Royan Harbour by J D Fergusson, Fergusson Gallery Perth 
23 Aug            Abstraction in late 20th C / Japanes at RSM; GARY HUME at Dean Centre plus Paul Spence ; caLLUM Innes at Ingleby' Agnes Martin at Botanics. 
23 aug             Seona Reid appointed GSA head. 
26 August         Agnes Martin, John McLaughlin, Inverleith House Edinburgh 
27 August         Edinburgh College of Art and the Edinburgh Festival
28 August         (Picture of the week) Kircudbright by S J  Peploe, Kirkcudbright Tolbooth.  
30 Aug             French drawing at NGS; JOSEPH Beuys at GMA; Printmakers,  RSM / Ed Coll of Art - 5 shows. 
31 August         Mastery and Elegance the Horvitz collection, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh 
August              Murray Johnston, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
September        (for Modern Painters) Transatlantic Leap, Scots in America
6 September     Joseph Beuys, National Gallery of Scotland4 September           
11 sept             Picture of Week, Manbrino by George Townly Stubbs, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow
18 sept             Picture of the Week,  Soles by Picasso, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
20 September   Arran Ross, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Will Maw, Glasgow Print Studios 
25 September   (Picture of the week) Regina Cordium, Dante Gabriel Rossetti , Kelvingrove Glasgow; John Creed. 
25 September   Martin Boyce, Ross Sinclair, Fruitmarket Edinburgh 
27 September   Sir Robin Philipson, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
29 September   (for Art News) Glasgow UK City of Architecture and Design 1999

October                        (for catalogue) Vicky Crowe, Thackery Gallery London 
October                        (for Art News) Glasgow Museums, Jesus 2000  Commission, Royal Collection Tour
October            Andres Slominski, Berlin. Sculpture Mag USA
2 October         (Picture of the week) Alexander Reid by Van Gogh, Kelvingrove Glasgow
4 October         Martin Boyce, Ross Sinclair, Fruitmarket Edinburgh; Rirkrit tiravanija, Partick, Lucy Skae, Brettle, Swift Public Art, Glasgow
8 October                 (not Herald) Sensation, Charles Saatchi, New York 
9 October                 (Picture of the week) Evening Pong Patio by Dawson Murray, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
11 October        (for Art News) James Ensor, Musee Royal des Beaux Arts Brussels
11 October        Frank Cohen Collection, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow
11 October        Royal Glasgow Institute, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
 October          Jenny Saville for ARTnews NYC 
16 October        (Picture of the week) Baba and Billy by John Duncan, Kirkcaldy Museum; On the River, John Quinton Pringle, Kelvingrove Glasgow
18 October        Monday art, Scott Kilgour, Glasgow School of Art; Felim Egan, Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh
23 October        (Picture of the week) In the Car, Roy Lichtenstein, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 
25 October        Newcastle Sunderland and Northern arts: Alison Wilding, Langlands & Bell; Richard Wilson, AN Newsletter. 
30 October        (Picture of the week) ?? 
November         (for Interiors Magazine) Lesley Banks 
1 November      Julie Brooks, Collins Gallery Glasgow, John Mackechnie, Glasgow Print Studios, Sam Ainsley, Lighthouse Glasgow; Eveleen Wright; Philip Reeves. 
6 November      (Picture of the week) Warning by Lesley Banks, Lillie Gallery Milngavie 
8 November      James Ensor, Musee Royal des Beaux Arts Brussels
13 November    (Picture of the week) Rabbi with Cat by Natalya Goncharova, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
14 November    Jenny Saville, Brooklyn Museum New York
15 November    Nicola Hicks, GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow 
16 November    (ARTnews) Old Master Prints, Philips New York 
18 November    New Institute of Art History, Glasgow University 
22 November    Margaret Hunter, Pentagon Centre Glasgow, Stephen Hurrel, Tramway Commission; Macmillian exh; On the Clyde. 
29 November    Elspeth Lamb, Glasgow Print Studios, Morandi, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
3 December      Eveleen Wright, Glasgow Print Studios 
6 December      Tate Turner Prize, New Tate Modern
11 December    Men of Straw, Nicola Hicks, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Reinhard Behrens, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
13 December    Eileen Agar,  Elizabeth Blackadder, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
20 December    Flowers by 15 artists, Fruitmarket Edinburgh,  Lapland; Stills; Plates at Collins Gallery Glasgow
20 December   Collaborations: Designs of Desire, the Burrell + Tim Clifford. 
27 December    Designs of Desire, Burrell Collection Glasgow, Tim Clifford 
December         (for Sculpture Magazine) Dave Mach

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