Tuesday 31 December 1996

Scottish Art Archive 1996

1996 list GSA archive Clare 

6 January        Book Review, Richard Demarco A life in Pictures 
6  Jan             Weekender STUDIO series  Andrew Brown 
6 art guide      Volcano Fruitmarket; Turner at SNG; Leith; Call of Wild Transmission. 
8 Jan Mon      OSCARS: Looking back on 1995 
9 January        Dalziel & Scullion, CCA Glasgow
13 January               (studio series) Tim Hobrough
13 January               Book Review, Beryl Cook 
13 January               Feature: Janey Buchan and gallery shopping
13 January               John McNeece ship design 
13 January               Weekender Art Guide: Inuit Art, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen, Artists in Isolation, Gracefield Dumfries, Calanais, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
13 January               (for Galleries Magazine) Edward Summerton, Raw Gallery 
15 January               Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Joan Scott 
20 January               Robert Burns Portraits, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Gracefield Dumfries, MacLaurian Gallery Ayr
20 January               Weekender Art Guide: Silk Satin Muslin Rags, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Turner, National Gallery Edinburgh, Freedom, Kelvingrove Glasgow
21 Jan Mon              Feature: Art Fairs, Glasgow Art Fair, Art96 
27 January               (studio series) Peter Chang
27 January               Book Review, Fakes by Alice Beckett
29 January      Fuse at McLellan Galleries, G  
30 January               South Bay Company Glasgow
3 February               (studio series) Elspeth Lamb 
3 February               (Weekender Art Guide) Alan Robb, Seagate Gallery Dundee, Gillespie Kidd & Coia, Glasgow School of Art, 
3 February               Glasgow International Festival of Design 
4 ? February            (studio series) Polly Hope 
5 February               Monday Feature: Ian Cook, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall murals
7 February               (for Arts Extra) Willie Rodger
10 February             (Weekender Art Guide) James Cumming Memorial, McMannus Gallery Dundee, Julia Jeffery, Practice Gallery Glasgow, the Glasgow Show, Art Exposure Glasgow
10?  Feb                  (studio series) Polly Hope 
12 February             Monday art feature: Sugar Hiccup, Tramway Glasgow
17 February             Herald Weekender Art Guide: Frances Walker, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen, Winter Fruits, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Have a Heart, Traverse Theatre Edinburgh
17 February             Book Review, John Smibert  by Richard H. Saunders
19 February             Monday feature: Glasgow Print Studios, Scottish Print Open
24 February             (studio series) Alan Kitching 
24 feb              Book review Trompe L'Oeil 
20 February             (for Galleries Magazine) Glasgow Dream City
20 Feb             Art Hits list 
February          (for catalogue) Highland Printmakers, Inverness 
26 February             British Art Show, Botanics Edinburgh
29 February             (for Arts Extra) Lottery Funding 
March                       (for Arts Extra) Peter Howson profile 
2 March            Weekender Art Guide) British Art Show, Botanics Edinburgh, Joy & Benn, Glasgow School of Art, New Graduates, Art Exposure Gallery Glasgow               
4 March                    Monday: Gallery Week Scotland, Glasgow Boys & Girls, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glasgow
9 March            Weekender Art Guide) William Kilpatrick, Maclaurian Art Gallery Ayr, RSA Student Show Edinburgh, Colin Brown, The Meffin Forfar
11 March           Visual Arts UK Fesitval, Newcastle. 
11 March           Book review, Cezanne in Provence by Evmarie Schmitt 
March                       (for catalogue) Ruth Beardsworth, Grays School of Art Research Unit
16 March  Weekender Art Guide) John Bellany, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen, Lil Neilson, Seagate Gallery Dundee, Kumar Garg, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh 
18 March  Borrowed Light, Public Art Project, Stephen Skrynka, Peter McCaughey
21 March          Helen Chadwick Obituary  
23 March          Weekender Art Guide Lucy Byatt, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Pope & Guthrie, Cyberia Cafe Edinburgh, Ross Sinclair, CCA Glasgow 
24                    Studio series:  Willie Rodger 
29 March                  Book review, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow by Julian Spalding. 
30 March          Weekender Art Guide) Davy Brown, Ottersburn Gallery Dumfries, Andrew Squire, Gallery 41 Edinburgh, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow Opening 
1 April              The Greeks, Venice Palazzo Grassi, Venice; Flash Art Museum Trevi; Spoleto
6 Apr                        Gardens
8 April                      Sculpture at Goodwood 
15 April                    Glasgow Art Fair 
16 April                    Galloway's Beaten Path George Square Banners Glasgow 
26 April                    Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Lord Provost's Prize 
20 April            Hits: Appleby & MacFarlane, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Petretti & Awlson, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh  
22 April                    Book review, Studios of Frances and Margaret Macdonald by Janice Helland
24 April                    (for Arts Extra) Peter Howson
27 April                    Row over Mackintosh show at Mclellan Galleries 
27 April                    Morgan Hall, James Dun House Aberdeen, Kinross Scholars, Italian Institute Edinburgh 
27 Saturday     News Scottish Arts Council collection to be disbanded plus TV / Clare and Kirsty Wark. 
May                                  for catalogue) on Transmission gallery
2 May                       George Wyllie,  Safety Pin sculpture Trongate Glasgow
2 may              News: GOMA pediment 200,000 Lottery; no planning permission! 
6 May                       Roland Forbes appointed head of painting Dundee School of Art
4 May               Weekender Art Guide) George Wyllie,  Trongate Glasgow, Roland Forbes, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow
5 May                       Row over Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibition
11 May             Weekender Art Guide It Comes Out in the Wash, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Conclusive States, Fruitmarket E
14 May                     Post Office Gallery, National Gallery of Scottish Art Edinburgh 
12 May                     RIAS, East Campbell Street Studios Glasgow, Kathryn Findlay; Jacki Parry, Gallowgate Studios, Stirling. 
18 May,                    Sat Feature:Charles Rennie Mackintosh, McLellan Galleries Glasgow 
18 May            Weekender Art Guide) Robert Thompson, Bellshill Academy, Borrowed Image, City Arts Centre Edinburgh
20 May             Monday art: Mary Smith McCulloch, Edinburgh Printmakers, Lennox Paterson, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glas.
21 may            Russian palaces at  Hunterian museum  
25 May                     Weekender Art Guide) Ruth Bearsworth, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen 
27 May                     Book review, Glasgow in Transition
May                                  (for catalogue) May Cale,  Sunil Gawde Gallery London.          
30 May                     The Queen: portraits Herald commissions 
mayfest            Bad blood/ Adrian Wiszniewski and Alison Watt  letter    
1 June             Weekender Art Guide) Awash with Colour, National Gallery Edinburgh, Earl Haig, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, 20th Century Scottish, Duncan Miller Glasgow, Roger Palmer, Collins Gallery Glasgow
3 June                     Alberto Giacometti, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
8 June             Weekender Art Guide Memento Mori, Greenside Cemetery Alloa, Rodella Purvis, City Arts Centre Edinburgh, Ethel Walker, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow
8 June             Weekender - book review, Glasgow in Transition Herbert Whone at G Concert Hall 
9 June                     Portes Ouvertes Art Contemporain, Switzerland Geneva, David Mach, Banque Suisses
10 June           Weekender Art Guide: Back From Paris, French Institute Edinburgh, Bridget Riley, Glasgow Print Studios
15 june            Art hits. 
16 June                   Bridget Riley profile, Glasgow Print Studio
18/31 June      Earl Haig profile
22 June           Weekender Art Guide Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show Dundee, Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show
22 June                   Doctors and Art Portraits from the Royal College of Physicians
22June/6 july           Book review, The Art of Craigie Aitcheson 
24 June                   Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 
29 June                   Book review, Cadell by Tom Hewlett
29 June           Weekender Art Guide) Treasures in Trust, Pittencrieff House Museum Dunfermline, David Donaldson, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Niek Kemps, Tramway Glasgow
31 june            Monday feature; Earl Haig profile,
6 July               Weekender Art Guide Edna Whyte, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Four Decades, East Kilbride Arts Centre, McIntosh & Law, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Bad Girls, Collective Gallery Edinburgh
13 July             Weekender Art Guide, Scottish Bestiary, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Lenaghan & More-Gordon, Kingfisher Gallery Edinburgh, Earth and Everything CCA Glasgow
22 July                     Degas, National Gallery London
22 July            Weekender Art Guide) Edinburgh Festival, Velazquaz, National Gallery Edinburgh, Arthur Melville, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh, Helen Chadwick, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
27 July            Weekender Art Guide Pam Carter, Wilson Gallery Drymen, Martin Parr, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh, Annette Heyer, Street Level Glasgow
28 July                     Book review, Jan Steen by Chapman, Kloek and Wheelock
29 July                     Jane Myers, Terra Nova Glasgow, Platform, Glasgow Print Studios, Java Comics Glasgow
1 August                  Whos Who for Art, Edinburgh Festival 
3 August          Weekender Art Guide) Peacock 21, Aberdeen Art Gallery, David Livingstone, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Summer Show, Art Exposure Glasgow 
4 August                  Book review, In the Light of Italy Corot and  Early Air Painting, by Conisbee, Faunce, Strick 
5 August          Weekender Art Guide) Studio Group, Livingston Centre Blantyre, Silver Linings, Designs Gallery Castle Douglas, Catch the Moments, Gracefeild Arts Centre Dumfries, The Hidden Heart, The Burrell Glasgow
5 August                  Monday art feature: Sheepfolds, Andy Goldsworthy; Kate Whiteford. 
10th aug          FESTIVAL listings 
10 August                (for Festival Extra) Five Must See Art Shows
12 August                Edinburgh Festival Art, Reckoning with the Past, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
15 August                Edinburgh Festival Diary 
17 August                Weekender Art Guide) Time and Tide, Fisheries Museum Anstruther, George Baselitz, Glasgow Print Studio 
19 August                Callum Innes, Inverleith House Edinburgh
19 August                Eduardo Paolozzi, Talbot Rice Edinbrugh
22 August                Willie Rodger, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh 
20 August                Book review, Velazquez in Seville by David Davies and Enriqueta Harris 
21 August                Alexander Goudie, Freemason's Hall Edinburgh
22 August                House for art Lover Glasgow
22 August                Off the Drawing Board, Royal Fine Art Commission Edinburgh
23 August                Pradip Malde, Edinburgh College of Art 
23 August                Arthur Melville, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh
24 August       Weekender Art Guide) Sue Beach, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Adrian Wiszinewski, Original Print Shop Glasgow, From the  Dark Room, Peter Potter Gallery Haddington
25 August                Jimmy Boyle, St Mary's  School  Edinburgh 
26 August                Networking, Edinburgh College of Art 
26 August                Monday: Alberto Morrocco, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Adrian Wiszinewski, Talbot Rice Edinburgh
25 August                William Geissler, Edinburgh College of Art 
22 August                Peacock 21, Aberdeen Art Gallery 
25 aug              Hits 
26 August                Book review, Japan's Golden Age Momoyama, by Money L Hickman 
27 August                (for The Guardian) David Donaldson Obituary 
28 August                Speaking Likeness, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh
August                     Helen Chadwick, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
31 aug sat       weekender art guide
august             book review, Velaquez in Seville 
2 September            Monday art feature: Festival Recriminations, Edinburgh 
4 September            Tim Clifford, new Gallery of Scottish Art and Design plans
5 September            Sheepfolds Andy Goldsworthy; Year of Visual Art UK,  
7 September            Weekender Art Guide) Foote watt and Woodside, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Barbara Balmer, Kingfisher Gallery Edinburgh, Kartell, InHouse Glasgow
9 September            Glasgow International Festival of Design 
12 September          Film Culture, Tramway, Mark Lewis, Pierre Bismuth, Bruce Mclean
12 September           Autumn Art Shows, Anne Redpath, Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, David Roberts, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh, Dance of Death, Glasgow Print Studio 
14 September          Weekender Art Guide) Stuart Beaty, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, George Gilbert, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow, Victoria Morton, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
15 September          (for catalogue) June Carey, Billcliffe Gallery Glasgow
16 September          Glasgow International Festival of Design Part 2 ; students/cuts/GSA. Scotland Street Museum
21 September          Weekender Art Guide) Archipelago, Maclaurian Gallery, Scottish Print Open, Edinburgh Printmakers
21 September          Empress & the Architect, by Dimitri Shvidkovsky
23 September          Northern Region UK Year, Anthony Gormley, Angel of the North; City of Design 99. 
28 September Weekender Art Guide) Matisse, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Peter Russell, East Kilbride Centre, Louise Ritchie, Compass Gallery Glasgow
29 September          Peter Blake profile ; National Gallery London
5 October                 Inner Necessity, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, Mark Ianson, Compass Gallery Glasgow
7 October                 Monday feature: Kerry Stewart, Moyna Flannigan, CCA Glasgow
12 October               Book review, 20th Century Art Book, by Phaidon 
12 October               Weekender Art Guide) Jock MacInnes, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Ivy Wu Gallery, Royal Museum Edinburgh, Julie Roberts, Glasgow Print Studios
14 October               Robert Mapplethorpe, Hayward Gallery London
19 October               Weekender Art Guide) Equinox, Courtyard Gallery Crail, Passing Out, Royal Museums Edinburgh
21 October               House for Art Lover Charles Rennie Mackintosh/ colour back pg. 
24 October               Manifesto International Festival of Design, Edinburgh Norway; Peter Wilson. 
26 October               Book review, The Colour of Sculpture 1840-1910 by Andreas Bluhm
26 October               Herald Weekender Art Guide) Jane Hyslop, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Josef Herman, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow
28 October               Ivy Wu Gallery, Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh 
28 October               Weekender Art Guide) Anne Redpath, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, John Cunningham, Art Club Glasgow
4 November             Anne Redpath,  Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh
5 November             State of the Nation, funding and city of architecture and design Glasgow  
8 November             John Cunningham, Glasgow Art Club
8 November             Ken Currie, RAAB Gallery London 
8 nov               Tafners letter re CRM New York
8 nov               Copenhagan European City of Culture 1996.  
9 November             Weekender Art Guide) Archie Forrest, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Royal Glasgow Institute, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Chris Allen, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow 
11 November           Josef Herman profile, colour.  
12 November           Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Metropolitan Museum New York 
18 November           Archibald Know, Huntarian Gallery Glasgow 
19 November           MacMillan Fund Art Show, Strathclyde Arts CentrM
20 Nov             Big Feature:  Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Met, New York. 
22 November           Copenhagen 1996 City of Culture
22 November           Books of the Year - for Xmas. 
23 November           Herald Weekender Art Guide: Ian Fleming, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Rodney Dickson, Seagate Gallery Dundee, Kenneth Dingwall, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh 
23 November           Book review, Art of the Celts by Lloyd and Jennifer Laing
30 November           Weekender Art Guide: BP Portrait Award, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Hong Kong, City Arts Centre Edinburgh, Chrismas Show, Glasgow Print Studios 
30 November           Book review, The Sculpture of David Nash, by Julian Andrews 
2 Dec               Copenhagan, City of Culture 1996. 
7 December             Weekender Art Guide: Absolut Blue & White, Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Warrior Tombs, The Burrell G. 
9 December             Jenny Saville, Paul McPhail profile 
11 December           Douglas Gordon wins Turner Prize 
14 December           Herald Weekender Art Guide: MFA Degree Show, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee, Northern Lights, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh 
14 December           David Mach, Glasgow subway commissions
16 December           Don and Eleanor Taffner profile 
16 December           Tom Eccles profile
17 December           Letter from America: Transmission Glasgow, Tramway Glasgow, Douglas Gordon, Christine Borland, Jackie Donachie, Martin Boyce 
17 December  The GLASGOW MIRACLE emanates from GSA & Glasgow's Transmission Gallery: Clare Henry in The Herald. 1996.  
19 December           Christmas Theme Exhibitions
21 December           Herald Weekender Art Guide: Aladdin’s Cave, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Christmas Show, Compass Gallery Glasgow
27 December           Best of 1996 Clare Henry Oscars, Douglas Gordon, Elspeth King, Barbara Rae, Chris Frayling, David Shrigley 
28 December           Herald Weekender Art Guide: W J Connon, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Freedom, McManus Gallery Dundee
28 December           Book review, Picasso and the Spanish Tradition, by Jonathan Brown
December                Art People to Watch in 1997:  Douglas Gordon, William Barnes Graham, Bruce McLean, Paul McPhail, Paul Nesbit, Jackie Donachie

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