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Scottish Art Archive 1994

1994 GSA C Henry Archive list 

During this period Henry gives more context and opinion on Glasgow wins National Gallery of Scottish Art Fair, Architecture Bid for 1999 Edinburgh and Glasgow. Mike Hayes new Glasgow City Council director of planning. Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow building refurbishment. Milestones project Glasgow Govan Springburn. Her curatorial activity is also documented, Eleven Out of Ten Clare Henry Choice at National Gallery Scotland and Clare Henry's choice of GSA graduates at Main Fine Art Glasgow.
The exhibitions covered are solo shows, Owen Logan, Hock-Aun Teh, Jenny Saville, Damian Hirst, Duncan Shanks, Calum Angus Mackay, Annie Leibovitz, Helen Chadwick, Christine Borland.  Group shows The Bigger Picture, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Bad Girls, CCA Glasgow, BT New Contemporaries, V-TOPIA, Tramway and New Art in Scotland, CCA Glasgow, Mayfest and Edinburgh Festival are also covered in detail. Catalogue essay for Alexandra Gardner, Duncan Miller Fine Arts, London. Other paper work includes notes on ideas for Herald articles for Harry Reid and letter regarding new article formats and work load, Press release  for Unbuilding exhibition merchant city, Letter to Keith Bruce regarding Stanley Spencer show and feature articles, Glasgow Munich project press release and Letter to Herald picture desk and John Flower.

January                    (for Art Review) Clare Henry's 4 best and worst exhibitions of 1993.
January                    New Years honours list, Cyril Gerber, John Bellany. 
2 January                 Clare Henry Oscars for 1993, 10 of the Best Transmission, GPS, Fotofeis
7 January                 Charles Voysey, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow, Celia Rosser, Botanics Edinburgh, Aboriginal Art Botanics Edinburgh, Owen Logan, CCA Glasgow 
8 January                 (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Sylvia Stevenson
14 January               The Bigger Picture, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Scottish Sculpture Trust, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow,  Dave Cohen, Glasgow School of Art
15 January               Glasgow wins National Gallery of Scottish Art.  
22 January               My first Pix, Ian Robertson, Annie Robertson, Blanefield, Glasgow Print Studios
28 January               Scottish National Portrait Gallery, House of Lords debate
       Gwen Hardie, Annely Juda London
              Phil Braham, RAAB Gallery London.
29 January               (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Elliott Davis 
February         (for Art Review) Ellis O'Connell, Coram Gallery London 
4 February               Jenny Saville, Saatchi Gallery London;  Gwen Hardie, Annely Juda London
5 February               (Herald My First Picture series) Liz Lochhead
10 February             Bad Girls, CCA Glasgow, Valentine, Rodger Billcliffe Glasgow, Nancy Smillie Glasgow
12 February             (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Mike and Karen Mandors 
18 Feb           Ross Sinclair, Fruitmarket; Marion Love; Indian paintings, Shoreline, Ed City Art Centre. 
19 February             (Herald My First Picture series) Ian Wilson and Tom Rand 
25 February             Rob Maclaurin, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Glasgow Print Studios, Transmission Gallery Glasgow; RA London. 
26 February             (Herald My First Picture series) Helen Cargill Thomson
4 March            Mhairi Killin, Ironworks Gallery Coatbridge, Dorothy Black, Easy Kilbride Art Centre, Robert Mulhern, Studio Art Gallery Kilbarchan, Bearsden Art Club, Scottish Office, Glasgow School of Art students, Art Exposure Gallery Glasgow
5 March                    (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Graeme and Elizabeth Cathcart  
11 March        June Redfern Rodger Billcliffe Glasgow, Royal Scottish Academy Student show, Jennie Tufts, Edinburgh Gallery, Judith Bridgland, Art exposure Gallery Glasgow
12 March (Herald My First Picture series) Ross Harper
18 March Witnesses of Existence. Richard Demarco Edinburgh, Enclosures & Spaces, Stephen McKenna, Ben Johnson, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Glasgow Print Studios, Animation, Collins Gallery Glasgow  
19 March (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Grahame Allison 
23 March (for catalogue) James McDonald, Rodger Billcliffe Glasgow
25 March Glen Onwin, Tramway Glasgow,  Donald Urquart, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow, John Byrne, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Stuart Beaty, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Out of the Blue Gallery Edinburgh, Modigliani, Royal Academy London
26 March        Architecture Bid for 1999 Edinburgh and Glasgow
1 April            David Morrison at Blue Roof Gallery Fintry; Rosemary Gascoyne, Cree Gallery Newton Stuart, Grouse and Claret Gallery Kinross, John Halliday, Gracefield Gallery Dunfries, Hock-Aun Teh, Dick Institute Kilmarnock, Rosmary Beaton, Neil Dallas Brown, Jim Hardie, Glasgow School of Art
7 April                      Art Party, Elliot Davies
8 April            Tom Shanks, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, Lesley Main Fine Art Glasgow, Adrian Berg, Botanics Edinburgh, Fringe Gallery Castlemilk,  Harbour Gallery Kirkcudbright
9 April                      New Gorbals Crown Street housing
9 April                      Mike Hayes new Glasgow City Council director of planning
15 April                    Harry Benson, Scottish Opera photography commission
15 April           BT New Contemporaries, CCA Glasgow, Helen Wilson, Rodger Billcliffe Gallery Glasgow, Dorothy Stirling, Compass Gallery Glasgow
16 April                    (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Davy Brown 
18 April                    (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) John Rae 
20 April           MAYFEST Preview, Dave Mach, Glasgow Print Studios, Adrian Wisniewski, William Hardie Fine Art Glasgow
22 April           Andy Goldsworthy, Old Bond Street London, Claire Harrigan, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, ERRO, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Helen Wilson, Rodger Billcliffe Gallery Glasgow, John Creed, Scottish Gallery  London
29 April           Mayfest Preview, Dave Mach, Glasgow Print Studios, Sybella von Halem, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow
30 April                    (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) John David Pearson, Levan Castle Stirling 
30 April                    Floodlighting architecture in Edinburgh and Glasgow  
2 May                       Rome Visit, Michaelangelo, Sistine chapel, Kate Whiteford, British School Rome. 
6 May                       Stanley Spencer, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
6 May              Mayfest, Duncan Shanks, Rodger Billcliffe Gallery Glasgow, Christian Boltanski, CCA, Glasgow School of Art, Tramway Glasgow, David Hosie, Compass Gallery Glasgow  
13 May                     Adrian Wisniewski, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow
13 May            The Reading Room symposium, Glasgow School of Art, Recorded Passage, Fringe Gallery Castlemilk, Transmission, Jane Murray, Out of the Blue Gallery Edinburgh, Unbuilding, Glasgow School of Art Students Merchant City

14 May                     (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Colin and Sheena Liddel 
18 May                     Damian Hirst, Richard Demarco Edinburgh
19 May             Mayfest, Jennifer Irvine, Barclay Lennie Gallery Glasgow, Nigel Reid-Foster, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow, Carlo Rossi, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, Colin Johnstone, Rebecca Hossack Gallery London
19 may          Boltanski, Tramway; CCA & GSA
20 May                     Best and Worst buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh 
23 May                     Glasgow School of Art Second Year Students  
27 May            (Feature) Carol Moore, Burnside Gallery Glasgow, SSA, Phillips Gallery Glasgow, Rhonda Smith, Flying Colours Edinburgh, Sharmanka Glasgow, Marj Bond, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
27 May                     Calum Angus Mackay, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh. 
28 May                     (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Greg Hayman
May                                 Japanese Photography, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
2 June                     Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow building refurbishment
3 June                     ( Feature) Martin Forrest; Main Gallery Glasgow, Ewan Mundy Gallery Glasgow 
3 June                     (for Art Newspaper) National Gallery of Scottish Art, Scottish Office dispute 
10 June          ( Feature) Worlds in a Box, Edinburgh City Art Centre, Medardo Rosso, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Inner Eye, Greenock Art Works, Bute Jazz Festival, Goya, Royal Academy London
11 June                   (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Bob Heller
13 June                   Modern Art, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Veronique Chance, Glasgow Print Studios
17 June                   (Antennae for Galleries Magazine) National Gallery of Scottish Art, Scottish Office dispute 
17 June                     (Scope Feature) Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Norrie Toch Studios Gullane; joan hughson, Glasgow. 
18 June          new ARCHITECTURE series: New Buildings, Murrayfield stadium, Safeway Anniesland, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Byres Road Housing Glasgow
20 June                   Boyd Web, CCA Glasgow, Funding Glasgow Galleries
24 June                   (Feature) Glasgow School of Art Degree show, Barbara Davidson, Larbert Pottery, Mothers & Daughters, Studio Arts Kilbarchan, Marjorie Jenkinson  
25 June                   (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Dorothy Smith 
27 June                   Glasgow School of Art Degree show
July                                   (for Galleries Magazine) Architects as Artists, Will Alsop
1 July             (Feature) George Donald, Edinburgh Printmakers; Eleven Out of Ten Clare Henry Choice, Nancy Smillie Gallery, Glasgow.
2 July                       Dovecot Tapestry Company Edinburgh, Barbara Rae commission, Festival Theatre Edinburgh
4 July                       1999 Year of architecture and Design Bid 
8 July                       Alan Davie, Spoleto Festival Italy Menotti
9 July                       (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Bill Hardie 
15 July            John Clark, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow, Clare Henry's choice of GSA graduates at Main Fine Art Glasgow, Berlin Prints, Glasgow Print Studios 
15 July                     Annie Leibovitz, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
16 July                     Milestones project Glasgow Govan Springburn 
18 July                     Stephen Beddoe, Drumchapel public art project
23 July             Winner of the Herald's Architectural prize, Challenge House Cowcaddens Glasgow, McNesh Design Partnership Motherwell
30 July                     (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Dr George Mackie
July                                  (for Galleries Magazine) Profile on Patrick Bourne
August Galleries Mag. 
August for Art Newspaper, the Scottish Gallery row. 
1 August                  Helen Chadwick, Serpentine London
6  August           (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series ) Barclay Lennie, on Jessie King. 
8 August                  V-TOPIA, Tramway, Charles Esche
9 August           Terra Incognito, Glasgow Print Studios, Norman Mathieson, Janie Nicoll, Paul Cassidy
13 August                    (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Jane MacAllister Dukes
14 August                Edinburgh Festival, Monet to Matisse, National Gallery of Scotland
19 August                John Cunningham, Flying Colours Edinburgh
22 August                Edinburgh Festival politics and disappointments
22 August                Edinburgh Festival, Richard Demarco, George Wyllie, Sarajevo artists. 
22 August                George Rouault, Edinburgh Printmakers. 
24 August                Tin: Ten Years, Collective Gallery Edinburgh
26 August                Look to the West, 137 George St Edinburgh, Rodger Billcliffe, Glasgow Print Studios, Ewan Mundy
27 August                Alexander Goudie, TSB Bank Atrium Edinburgh
27 August                (Herald weekender, My First Picture/Collecting series) Bill Bingham 
29 August                Romantic Spirit in German Art, Royal Scottish Academy, Fruitmarket
30 August                Maud Sulter, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
30 August                Jerwood Painting Prize, Royal Scottish Academy
31 August                Elizabeth Blackadder, Scottish Gallery
1 September            Martine Neddam, French Institute Edinburgh
2 September            Dorothy Hogg, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
2 September            (for catalogue) Alexandra Gardner, Duncan Miller Fine Arts, London
4 September            Maud Sulter, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh; Visions of Ottoman Empire, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
2 September            Paul Hogarth, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
10 September              (Herald weekender My First Picture/Collecting series) Dawson Murray
12 September          New Art in Scotland, CCA Glasgow
16 September          Flora Wood, Lillie Gallery Milngavie. 
19 Sept Monday. Peter Howson, Imperial War Museum London. 
22 September             Woodcarver's Craft, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
22 September             Temple of the Senses, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow
22 September      Claire Harrigan, Christopher Hull London
22 September      Claire Barclay, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
23 September      Craigie Aitchison wins Jerwood prize. 
23 Sept Fri.                  The Currency of Fame, Scotland National Gallery
23 September      Masques, Myths and Legends, Studio Arts Gallery Kilbarchan
24 September              (Herald Weekender: My First Picture/Collecting series) Alex Mather 
24 September              Joan Eardley, Kelvingrove Glasgow
24 September              (for Artline) Obituary Theo Crosby RA Architect
26 September              The Glory of Venice, Royal Academy London
29 September             Joan Eardley, Kelvingrove Glasgow 
30 September              Peter White, Scottish Gallery London
31 sept?/Oct 8?    (Herald Weekender My First Picture/Collecting series) Robert and Annika Johnstone 
3 October                         Ian McCulloch, Collins Gallery Glasgow
3 October         Art Show, Scotland St School Glasgow
3 October        Five Painters, Rodger Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
6  October                Bittersweet, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow
7 October                 Colin Wilson, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow
8 October                     BT Young Contemporaries, Fruitmarket, SSA at RSA Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
8 October                 Lesley Banks, Gerber Fine Art 
8 October                 New Art in Scotland II, CCA Glasgow
8 October                 Kinross Scholars, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
10 October               Barbara Hepworth, Tate Liverpool
21 October               John Byrne, Glasgow Print Studios
24 October               Whistler, Tate Gallery London
26 October               Rodger and Furneaux, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen
27 October               Scandex sculpture, Aberdeen Art Gallery
29 Oct           New Art in Scotland II, at CCA 
30 October               Adrian Wiszniewski, Barbican Centre London
31 October               Christine Borland, Tramway Glasgow
1 Nov  Monday                         Obituary Barbara Grigor
October           Conservation in Glasgow and Doors Open Day
October                    The Lighthouse Glasgow's bid for 1999 year of design. 
3rd Nov           John Boyd, Hardie Gallery, Glasgow
4 November             Christine McArthur, Willie Rodger, Rodger Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow 
5 November             (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Ira Kettner 
5 nov              Whistler at the Tate, london. 
7 November             Royal Glasgow Institute 133rd Annual Exhibition, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
14 November           Glasgow Institute of Architects
14 mon.          Christine McArthur & Willie Rodger at Billcliffe Gallery
16 November           Visual Arts Studio, Strathclyde Arts Centre Glasgow
16 November           Alexandra Gardner, Nancie Smillie Gallery Glasgow
19 November           James McIntosh Patrick, GSA Honorary Awards 
21 November           Lisbon European City of Culture 1994. 
26 November           (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Edi Stark
23 November           Ian Howard, Compass Gallery Glasgow
23 November           Fuse, Italian Centre Glasgow 
28 November     Monday Feature Steven Campbell, Outside Right at the Sunset Gate, William Hardie Glasgow
29 November           Journey, Old Fruit Market Glasgow
4 December             Christmas Exhibitions
December                Gone to Earth, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow
10 December           (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Jeffery Archer 
11 December            Smith Open, Smith Art Gallery Stirling 
12 December               Monday. Art Unlimited, CCA Glasgow
12 December           (for Art Newspaper) Options for a National Gallery of Scotland in Glasgow
17 December           (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Andy and Angela McMillan
19 December           Glasgow School of Art building programme for residential accommodation
19 December           Summers Collection, McLellan Galleries
19 December               Christmas Art exhibitions, Multiples, CCA Glasgow 
26 December           1994 Year Highlights
30  dec          Eardley, Glasgow Kids Kelvingrove. 

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